Sunday, April 2, 2017


A post by Ms. Marsha Wright ( reminded me of this quote by Mr. Robert Collier, a successful self-help author: "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

I believe this is true in terms of advocacy. Some seek to be heroes, to lead some sort of one-man charge in the advocacy world; some seek celebrity endorsements as a solution to all our woes; some search for that one big campaign that will lead us all out of the darkness. In contrast, others refrain from participating in advocacy efforts because they feel their efforts are somehow less important or significant that what they view as the "major" players.

In truth, though advances in awareness are, at times, made through giant leaps, most progress is made gradually, incrementally, over time. And it is not those who seek self-glorification, fame, praise, or positions of leadership who lead. It is those in the trenches, fighting small battles and sharing small victories who usher in real change. It is not the generals who achieve victory; it is a joint effort by all involved.

Awareness is about our illness -- about finding solutions to the struggles we face. It is not about any one individual or campaign. It is larger than you and me, more significant than any group or campaign, and is led by the sum of us. Everyone here is equally important. YOUR success is MY success, and vice-versa. It cannot be any other way if we are to survive this cruel illness. Celebrate the successes of others -- for they are ultimately your successes as well!

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