Monday, April 24, 2017



Fleetingly sweet our numbered days,
Swift and completely they fade,
Here but for a moment in time,
For only as long as we are graced.

Embrace the good as long as I am able,
Live with purpose and breathe with faith,
Treasure each moment as if it were my last,
The splendid ones are few, none to waste.

Why squander my hours living bitter and cold,
In turmoil, rage, loathing, and anger?
Why fritter my short-lived instants away,
In malice, spite, resentment, and rancor?

I endeavor instead to cling close to the joy,
Each new sunrise does so kindly offer,
Love and accept the glorious cracked vessels,
So wonderfully, caringly made by their Potter.

Brand vindictiveness rare and hatred unheard of,
In conflict and confrontation disengage,
Turn a blind eye but break open my heart,
To those souls who seek to madden and enrage.

For we all fall far short of perfection,
But hold our value, our worth, nonetheless,
Forgiveness, understanding, and gentleness,
Are the gifts which I offer and am blessed.

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