Friday, June 21, 2019


We have made the difficult decision to move the rally to an indoor venue (details below). We had to make that decision today in order to have adequate time to notify our vendors, our speakers, the Capitol Police, and our participants and to secure the new location. We are fortunate to have found an indoor venue, as adequate and appropriate spaces are quite difficult to snag at this late date and are very pricey.

We have been watching the weather forecast and speaking to our DC vendors, and even though we cannot be certain there will be thunderstorms (and this can change in an instant, of course), we feel there is considerable risk of bad weather. In the case of rain or storms, we would have to cancel the rally entirely as our vendors would not be able to deliver some of our equipment and we would be putting attendees at unreasonable risk. And, honestly, there comes a point at which attendance drops, foot traffic would be scarce, and attendees would simply be so miserable that the benefit of remaining outdoors would be small.

Unfortunately, the one thing we absolutely cannot control is the weather, try as we might. My apologies that we cannot pull off this event as initially intended. But please rest assured that we will do our best to still make this a memorable and significant event. This changes nothing in regard to our meetings with our legislators, the IFFGD conference, or the rest of the event schedule, and we are hoping for the strongest impact possible.

The indoor location does offer some advantages. Conditions are more comfortable for participants, as it is dry, spacious, air-conditioned, and offers on-site restrooms, chairs, tables, and beverage sales. We also have access to several screens on which we will loop a video of photos provided by our community. We believe this venue offers much and that we will still have a strong impact.

We will be sending out an e-mail to all registrants notifying them of the change, but we need your help in getting out the message.

Here is the NEW VENUE LINK: We will be in the concert section and will also have access to an outdoor patio should the weather clear.