Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Who cares what other people think? Well, probably you. It would take a pretty cold soul to completely ignore the opinions of others, especially family and other loved ones, and pretend that words never harm. Hateful words sometimes leave deep wounds and scars.  This is an especially common issue in the Gastroparesis community, as those close to us, who should be our biggest source of support, sometimes question our diagnosis and symptoms and often refuse to accept our quality of life and treatment choices.

But it is possible to overcome the pain caused by the thoughtless remarks and actions of others and heal. You can set aside the judgment of those who presume to know what is best for you, allay your own guilt and shame, and recognize that no other person, no matter how intimately connected, can feel exactly what you feel or truly understand what you endure. You are unique -- and no other living human shares your exact same thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

You do not need the permission or approval of others to live your life, and you can choose not to be manipulated or limited by those who seek to direct your path. You have complete control over how you respond to hurtful remarks and actions, and, though the harsh opinions of loved ones might sting, you can be certain they cannot bind you. 

This is YOUR life, and you only get one. Make it count.