Monday, March 20, 2017


Chained to the beast,
Who would rob me of my soul,
Haunted by this nightmare,
Who can make me whole?

Sentenced to this fate,
But I have done no wrong,
My captor, my companion,
He appears to be so strong.

Trapped in this dungeon,
While the monster rages on,
He will surely slay me,
When his taunting’s finally done.

How can I defeat him?
Release my daunted soul?
Who is there to rescue me,
To unbolt the prison door?

I fear my days are numbered,
His looks have grown so cold,
I’d like to ask his reasons,
But I am not this bold.

I know not why he chose me,
Why this burden I must bear,
But there is little question,
I must soon escape his lair.

My body falls to ruin,
But that’s of little concern,
The greater battle blazes,
Reaches the point of no return.

The beast inflicts great sorrow,
His misdeeds do take their toll,
But though he ravages the body,
He must not reach my soul.

For he may hold the power,
To bedevil, inflict great pain,
But he must not persuade me,
That my life is lived in vain.

Shackled to my tormentor,
But inadequate is his reign,
My soul is mine alone,
And my choice it does remain.

Confined by the walls which surround me,
But my spirit can surely sing,
No cell can tether my soul,
Nor the hope to which I cling.

Chained to the wretched demon,
Who seeks only to devour,
But he knows not the day,
Nor the minute, nor the hour.

His power is but an illusion,
My fate transcends his command,
The key is beyond his reach,
But within the grasp of my hand.

My oppressor, my constant companion,
Unleashes his bitter fury,
He rails and rages against me,
But my fear, at last, is buried.

Though bound to the beast within me,
My spirit is unrestrained, free to soar,
This body is enslaved in his Hell,
But my fearless soul has been made whole.

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