Sunday, September 25, 2016


She pens her poetic story,
Marks the callous pages of time,
Bittersweet winding journey,
Inscribed upon her restless mind.

Chronicles her ever-changing existence,
Notes the infirmities and grievous pain,
But her tale runs far deeper than this,
For of this saga much more remains.

Turn the page on what you are thinking,
This novel does not end that way,
Life is seldom what we envisioned,
And the best-laid plans can go astray.

Turn the page.

It began as most all accounts begin,
A child with high hopes and dreams,
Plans for a long and bright future,
Life wide-open and joyful, it seemed.

No time to stop and ponder,
Whether the story was compelling,
Adding chapters at whim, at liberty,
On unhappiness, there was no dwelling.

No concern about the lesser beings,
Mere minor characters to she,
Bad reviews and strong critiques,
Not considered, not noticed, not seen.

Turn the page.

But swiftly fly the pages,
And a new chapter soon began,
No foreshadowing this turn of the tables,
Takes place in a dark, foreboding land.

Turn the page on the life that she once knew,
Gone the carefree, the light, and the green,
Trapped in a desolate desert,
New chapter, new verse, new scene.

Turn the page.

The tone and the mood have been altered,
Cheerful setting now shadowy and bleak,
A land full of agony and misery,
One from which there is little relief.

This chapter, indeed, feels the longest,
Though the page count is relatively brief,
Not a grand proportion of the story,
But yet the focus, she somehow believes.

It is suspenseful and intriguing,
Though quite gloomy and melancholy,
It speaks of opportunities missed,
Highlights shallowness and foolish folly.

It encompasses the tear-stained pages,
Which recount the troubles and deep despair,
Of a heartbroken soul who does flounder,
Searching for meaning, in profound disrepair.

Turn the page.

The pages seem ragged and tattered now,
The cover is faded and worn,
The binding is barely holding on,
The edges are frayed and torn.

But the narrative has taken a thoughtful turn,
Greater definition and sensitivity than before,
The protagonist is growing – and learning,
That in a meaningful life there is so much more.

Turn the pages and keep reading onward,
Though the setting is still exacting and cruel,
The plot is growing ever thicker,
The epic novel ever richer and truer.

Turn the page.

Our heroine is gaining wisdom,
Acquiring compassion and full perspective,
She no longer wears heart blinders, protectors,
Becoming sincere, empathetic, reflective.

Turn the page on all the grief and anger,
She longs for a shiny brand new edition,
Delete the harshness and omit the anguish,
Insert new hope, with the author’s permission.

Turn the page.

Turn the page on past chapters and sections,
Too difficult to remember anyway,
All new content and improved format,
Are the goals for this castoff castaway.

Turn the pages and write the future,
Not just for herself but for those who surround,
Change the setting and the well-worn theme,
For the whole community she has now found.

Edit out the pain and suffering,
Introduce a world fresh and anew,
One with hope and gentle tenderness,
With understanding and mercy through and through.

Turn the page.

Our heroine is now weak and shaken,
For she thought that everything she knew,
But she was most sadly mistaken,
Her grand plans and lofty values all askew.

She believed herself to be the novelist,
Though deep down she should have known,
She was nothing more than inconsequential,
The True Author holds the author’s throne.

And He is an accomplished playwright,
A true poet, a genuine Nobel Laureate,
A superior author and skilled illustrator,
Whose stories are nothing short of glorious.

Turn the page.

The story is of yet unfinished,
But the foreshadowing is rather clear,
The heroine’s one true mission,
Begins from the new beginning point – here.

All before was but an introduction,
Setting the stage for our protagonist’s role,
She does not belong among the others,
She does not need to be physically whole.

Moves the plot along very nicely,
When the heroine recognizes the theme,
To support, serve, and guide the devalued,
Though minor characters they once seemed.

Turn the page.

She is made whole through the mission she is given,
And only then is her tale at last complete,
Only through her attendance and dedication,
Does the bittersweet once again become sweet.

Turn the page on the life that she once knew,
Filled with suffering, questioning, misery,
One with all manner of horror and pain,
New chapter, new verse, new scene.

Turn the page.

The pages have now all been published,
For all who have eyes and care to see,
Our heroine is no magnificent author,
But a master storyteller is He.

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