Friday, April 17, 2015

#HAWMC Challenge Day 17: Health Tagline

Please Note: Today’s blog will be a little different, and not truly a blog, since the assignment for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (#HAWMC) was to give our patient experience a tagline or slogan.  I have chosen to post the slogan, phrases, descriptions, and logos we use for our advocacy group, "Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change."


In an effort to raise public awareness of gastroparesis and to advocate for additional funding, more favorable legislation, and better treatments/cures in a more effective manner, a few of us in the gastroparesis community joined together to form a set of advocacy groups (a main, or national group, and individual groups for each state).  The name of the main group itself has become a slogan of sorts, as it accurately depicts what we do on a daily basis.  Here is the description of that group:

Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change – This group seeks to unite those with gastroparesis and other digestive/motility disorders to work for change. It is not a typical GP support group, as we do not discuss personal medical issues here; rather, it was established as a place where we can discuss ideas regarding our mission, vision, goals, needs, services, and resources and work toward solutions. If you want to make a difference for our GP community, share your ideas, fight for change in legislation, help raise funds, and/or spread awareness, please join us! We would love to have you! (

We established a community page as well.  Here is a description of our page:

Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change Community Page – This is the community page for our advocacy group, "Gastroparesis: Fighting for Change," which was formed to unite those with gastroparesis and other digestive/motility disorders to work for change. This community page was established as a public place to share our stories, ideas, and resources. We welcome your comments and suggestions.  (

We also created a website, which can be viewed at

The slogan I prefer and use most frequently (for obvious reasons) when promoting our advocacy efforts is:

STARVING for help!  Fighting to be HEARD!  

And, finally, here is our logo, most graciously designed by Ms. Trisha High Bundy:


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