Sunday, August 28, 2016


Something less than human,
Pieces of the whole,
Cracked and broken open,
Have mercy on her daunted soul.

A puzzle missing pieces,
Never quite complete,
A riddle, an enigma,
An unfinished music sheet.

There is something she is lacking,
Once held but now is lost,
The key to all her questions,
But the chasm she cannot cross.

The labyrinth engulfs her,
Cannot see above the walls,
The answer, it eludes her,
As she roams lost within the halls. 

What happened to the person
Who once was unimpaired?
She has been found wanting,
Frail and weak and scared.

Must rearrange the pieces,
Put them back in place,
Decipher the information,
Before it is too late.

The woman who now queries,
Once knew where she belonged,
Planned a different future,
One that has gone so wrong.

Caught up in this dilemma,
She cannot see the light,
Feels her way through the darkness,
Seeks an end to this black night.

Who can help this poor blind soul,
Guide her back to where it’s safe?
Who can gather the parts,
Assemble them in their place?

Those masters of comprehension,
Vast knowledge to impart,
Should perhaps review the problem,
And respond instead with their hearts.

For this being who is divided,
Split and incomplete,
Requires compassion and healing,
Not scolding and conceit.

Her solitary hope in this life,
Lies in the One above,
Who can mend her tattered soul,
Offer grace and comfort and love.

He holds all the answers,
Carries her through the maze,
He erects the bridge
From despair to brighter days.

He is her Saving Grace,
The One who keeps her sane,
Who never fails to remind her
That her searching is not in vain.

He is patient, though she falters,
Failing to understand,
Holds the fragile fragments together,
Dries her tears and takes her hand.

He silences her doubts and fears,
Calms her shattered mind,
Fills in the missing pieces,
Pens a symphony warm and sublime.

He alone can restore her,
Shape the parts into a whole,
He is indeed the Great Healer, 
The one who completes her soul.

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