Friday, February 26, 2016

Shadows of My Former Life

Shadows of my former life,
Where I sometimes long to be,
Remnants of another world,
Slowly fading from my memory,

Live in the darkness,
Not wanting to be seen,
Days gone by, ancient times,
Hidden, snatched away, stolen silently.

A passing dream – or was it real?
Seems so distant, far away.
Is this my life?  Am I the same?
No, forever changed, a different day.

Tattered, torn,
Broken open to the core,
Stripped bare, tossed aside,
How can I possibly endure more?

Misery, yearning,
A longing to be free,
Struggle, heartache,
Feel it overtaking me.

A whirlpool, raging,
Swirling all around,
Engulfs, swallows,
Forces me down.

Sinking, drowning,
In the dark, black sea of despair,
Battling, thrashing,
Gasping for air.

Hope, light,
All blocked from my view,
Striving, seeking,
Aching to be renewed.

Frightened, weeping,
Fighting back a scream,
Then a flicker, a glimmer, a notion,
Things are not what they seem.

Deep in the abyss,
A faint light beckons me.
I call out, cry for mercy,
Is this what’s meant to be?

Pleading, beseeching,
My life is in Your hands.
Shadow, light,
It is all within Your plans.

Compassion, forgiveness,
And the waves begin to rest,
Tranquil, serene,
No anger in the crests.

My heart tears open,
My outstretched arms summon You.
Peace, comfort,
My soul content to start anew.

You calm my fears,
And ease my soul,
Supply a path, direction,
When I am sure I can bear no more.

You offer hope,
Where I see none,
And You reminded me,
That we are not yet done.

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