Sunday, February 1, 2015


I read a Facebook post today from a lady who is afflicted with several life-threatening illnesses, has lost her home due to the financial hardships that accompany such illnesses, and is now facing a health crisis with her child.  She is worn out, stressed out, and tired of fighting.  She really needs a reason to go on.  And I mean the kind of reason that helps you get out of bed when you are in agony, when you are so tired and in such pain that death would be a welcome relief.  She needs help, genuine help.

Sometimes it just hits me when I am reading through posts in my Facebook support groups (as I do every morning) how many people are suffering and how much they are hurting -- physically and mentally. It seems like all I can say to them is that I am sorry. And I am genuinely sorry; those aren't just words to me. I feel so bad for every one of them. But I wish I could do more than say, "Sorry," you know? It seems like so little when I see what everyone is going through. So much suffering!

I am a Christian, and I pray for us all -- for a cure, for an end to our agony, or at least for some meaning to come from it all.  I truly believe God cares; I don't think He has abandoned us and left us to fend for ourselves.  I believe He has a purpose for us as well.  But sometimes it is difficult to see that purpose and to understand why we are all in this situation.  I have read books, heard sermons, and had some quite meaningful conversations on the subject, and sometimes I think I understand with my head... but not really with my heart.  It hurts.  We are all hurting.  I wish I could do something more concrete to help.

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