Sunday, February 14, 2021


Joy and heartache, triumph and despair,
Hard-fought battles and arduous trials,
No matter the tests or tribulations that come,
We face them all together, side-by-side.
Your gentleness and true affection,
Understanding and thoughtfulness,
Touch my once-callous heart, my troubled soul,
Leave me thankful, deeply humbled, profoundly blessed.
Though burdened with hardship and ailment,
My life still has purpose and meaning,
For I have found in you beautiful people,
A reason to try, to aspire, keep believing.
I have hope that we can usher in change,
That together, we can all make a difference,
That the world will open its blind, passive eyes,
And we will then see our splendid deliverance.
That the deaf will soon hear our passionate pleas,
For mercy, tenderness, and human kindness,
That we will promptly have a cure, or a measure of relief,
So we can rise – and leave this cruel illness behind us.
You are forever in my thoughts and my prayers,
Such precious, treasured, priceless souls,
My friends, my focus, my fondness, my devotion,
Worthy of effort, deserving of a voice.
So, I offer you my undying love song,
Pale and inadequate though it may be,
That you might know you are valued and cherished,
And understand how much you all mean to me.

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